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Academic Aviation Education at Lund University School of Aviation

The dynamic world of aviation requires that Lund University School of Aviation maintains a high level of competence in every aspect of training. Some of the instructors at LUSA also work as flight crew in commercial airlines. As part of the university, LUSA are able to exploit its network of contacts and expertise to the benefit of all involved.

Airline Transport Pilot training is just one of a number of aviation related programmes; other courses include a Flight Instructor Programme, ATP distance learning, dedicated training for the Swedish Armed Forces, Swedish Coastguard and Swedish Police and customised courses in Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC), Crew Resource Management (CRM) and management.


The MPL was the result of a review of an almost seventy year old pilot training legacy. A study carried out at Lund University School of Aviation has now reviewed the MPL and its background, current situation and future. The review is based on currently available MPL literature, information from aviation training conferences, direct contacts with training providers currently performing MPL training as well as interviews and personal conversations with industry stakeholders.


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