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About LUSA

University and Aviation Centre

The dynamic world of aviation requires that Lund University School of Aviation, LUSA, maintains a high level of competence in every aspect of training. As part of Lund University, LUSA are able to exploit its network of contacts and expertise to the benefit of all involved. One of the main objectives for LUSA is to continuously improve the training conveyed to the students. As a part of a university we have a unique possibility to achieve this goal.

LUSA has established collaborations with several different actors associated with aviation. In addition, LUSA offers the market commissioned training. All training programs at LUSA provide the student/course participant with knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for a successful career in the aviation industry.

The student organisation Flygskolekåren strives to establish relations with key opinion leaders in the aviation industry.

For more than a year a MPL student at Lund University School of Aviation with the support from his supervisor has carried out a study on the MPL and reviewed the background, current situation and future of the MPL-concept. The review is based on openly available MPL literature, information from aviation training conferences, direct contacts with current MPL training providers as well as interviews and personal conversations with industry stakeholders. It provides an overview of both critical and supportive viewpoints of the MPL including recommendations for regulators and training providers.

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