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Our Core Values

LUSA is an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) approved by the Swedish Transport Agency.

Operating a profitable, yet safe flight training organisation requires a constant balancing act between the need to fulfil production goals vs. safety goals.

To ensure that we always make correct priorities, every staff member and student have the greatest responsibility to act according to the safety policy and the structures in the management of safety. This will be an essential part of our behaviour and supported by a good safety culture at LUSA.

Core values at LUSA

  • Humble
  • Professional
  • Humor

These core values permeate how we act in our daily lives. Both towards students, partners, guests, competitors and possible antagonists.

Our priorities

The order of priority is: Flight safety, Education, Economy and Time.

All of our decisions, big and small, are based on our order of priority which is well known to all employees and students. Applications of the priority order are ever present in everyday life and so natural that decision-making in accordance with the priority order occurs more or less instinctively. New employees and students are introduced early in this scheme and what it means in practice. No decision can be taken without primarily taken into account a safety perspective that may be relevant for the decision.

The LUSA Culture

The culture of LUSA is what our visitors experience and talks about. It is how we are perceived in our everyday meetings, teaching, and in the relation to our task.

We are proud of our culture and thankful to be a part of it. The culture of LUSA is dynamic and can change character depending on the situation and task.

At the same time our culture is also static and we will never abandon the core values of our culture, which comes from a humanistic approach. All people that we meet, regardless of the reason for the meeting, shall perceive us as interested, factual and easy to deal with.

The genuine commitment that all of us displays for our work is something that reflects on those around us. At the same time as we operate in a highly standardised world we encourage diversity in all its forms, encourages critical questioning from employees, students and partners. We are always willing to reconsider previous decisions as long as they are well supported by good and sound arguments. 

Our priorities and core values are essential parts of our culture. The safety perspective is always put first.

Through systematic improvements we ensure that our safety is of the highest possible level. This applies to all activities on the ground as well as in the air. We conduct our systematic safety primarily by:

  • Following our own operating procedures and manuals
  • Always dare questioning our methodology and by changing procedures after careful analyse
  • Learning from others safety related experiences
  • Active participation on adequate flight safety conferences (EASA, ICAO, CAA etc.) 

All employees and students have a great responsibility for the organization's safety but the ultimate responsibility always rests with AM, Accountable Manager.

This responsibility entails the right at any time to abort or stop ongoing operations whenever the experience and assessment of the employee is that "flight safety is threatened".

We encourage all employees and students at LUSA to file safety reports. All events reported, shall be classified, investigated and dealt with promptly. Hence, the feedback to the staff/students when the change is implemented is as important as the change itself.

Last but not the least, our culture is obviously a "just" culture. No punitive action against individuals linked to incidents or accidents shall ever be taken on LUSA.

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