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Later part – Bachelor Programme in Aviation as Pilot in Airline Operation

The later part of the Bachelor Programme in Aviation as Pilot in Airline Operation is aimed towards those working, or those who have worked, as an Airline pilot. As a "later part" program your previous studies and work experience are evaluated against the eligibility requirements listed below. If you are accepted to the programme and complete the studies you may apply for a Bachelor’s degree. The content of the programme is especially aimed towards competencies for various functions within airline management such as safety department, training department, flight ops standardization or management.

Eligibility Requirements

You must submit the following by the closing date:

  • General entry requirements on Lund University's website
  • Have or have had a valid MPL, CPL or ATPL(A)* issued by an EASA State.
  • Have or have had either: a) a type rating on an airplane certified for a minimum of 2 flight crew members (Multi Pilot Aeroplane)*, or b) a type or class rating on an airplane certified for single pilot operations, classified as a complex, high performance aeroplane (Single Pilot High Performance Complex Aeroplane)*
  • A minimum of 100 hours as pilot in an approved multi pilot flight operation.

* For applicants with helicopter background, an individual assessment, in which your merits are evaluated towards the above criteria, is performed. Please contact the programme manager for further information. 


The later part of the bachelor programme starts once a year in the fall.

  • 15 February 2023. First day of application
  • 15 March 2023. Last date for application
  • 3 April 2023. Last date for completion
  • 3 April 2023. Last date to validate tuition fee exemption (non-Swedish citizens). Visit University Admission's website for more information.
  • 21 April 2023. Admission notice is posted

In order to apply, please upload the documents listed below together with your application. Application to the programme can only be accessed through the website (in Swedish). The link is only accessible during the application period.

  • Upper secondary school credentials
  • Copy of Flight Crew License including Type Rating
  • Copy of the last three pages in your logbook confirming flight time as pilot in multi pilot operation
  • For non-Swedish citizens: copy indicating your residency status in EU to validate your tuition fee exemption on University Admission's website.


If there are more qualified applications than there are seats available, the seats are allocated as follows:

  • Total flight time as a pilot, 60%
  • Average grade upper secondary school, 20%
  • Swedish scholastic aptitude test, 20%

Study Pace

The normal study pace is set to half time, 50%. After admission to the programme, it is possible to apply for an individual study plan set to full time, 100%, depending on availability.

Individual study plan

An individual study plan is drawn up for each student admitted to a later part of a program. For the Bachelor Programme in Aviation we use a joint study plan according to the plan below.

The Program

During the four terms of the education at half-time the following courses are held

  • Introduction to the Pedagogy of Aviation Training, 10 hp
  • Research Methods and Philosophy of Science, 10 hp
  • Aviation Management, 10 hp
  • Human Factors, 15 hp
  • Bachelor Project, 15 hp

These courses, in conjunction with a previous education as a commercial airline pilot that corresponds to the syllabus in the bachelor programme, gives the opportunity to apply for a “Degree of Bachelor in Aviation as Pilot in Airline Operation”

The course syllabi can be found on course website LTH.

Course Language

The formal language is Swedish/Scandinavian. Main course literature is in English. Occasional lectures and seminars may be conducted in English.


Short Facts

  • Programme Start: Each autumn semester
  • Study pace: 50%
  • Study time: Daytime
  • Programme language: Swedish/Scandinavian
  • Place: Lund

The Programme may be cancelled in case of too few applicants.


Programme Manager

Mark Milich
+46 (0) 435-445431

Programme Administrator

Pernilla Karlsson
+46 (0) 435-445454

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